Boost Learning Power with School Breakfast

You have probably heard that breakfast is the most important meal of the day, but do you know why? We perform better, mentally and physically, when our bodies are fueled. In the morning, your body is starving for energy, even if you do not feel particularly hungry. Breakfast is especially important for kids because they are developing and growing.

Students who eat breakfast miss less school and get better grades. Yet 3 out of 4 teachers say their “students regularly come to school hungry.” Hungry kids are more likely to have health issues and trouble learning and concentrating. They are also more prone to behavioral and emotional problems.

Looking for a convenient and affordable way to feed your student(s) breakfast during the week? All Prince William County Public Schools serve breakfast every school day, even on two hour delays! Our “Grab n’ Go” breakfasts are designed to be nutritious and portable, so kids can enjoy a balanced breakfast in the classroom or cafeteria. Offerings vary each day and include items like hot breakfast sandwiches, breakfast breads, French toast sticks, cereal, fruit, 100% fruit juice and milk. Fruit smoothies are offered on Tuesdays and Thursdays at the Middle Schools. They are made with real fruit and yogurt, and blended right in your school’s kitchen!

If your student is receiving free or reduced price school lunch, they automatically qualify for free or reduced price school breakfast. A complete, full price breakfast costs just $1.50, or $7.50 a week.