Dear  Students,

I'm excited to see all the learning you are doing on SeeSaw, Study Island, and EPIC books.  I have another resource for you to try and I think you will LOVE it!  It is called, Flipgrid. Here you can make awesome videos to show what you know! 

The website for Flipgrid is www.  To sign in, our flipcode is hodum6406.  You will then enter your six digit student identification number.  I will share a little more about it tomorrow on Zoom!  I'm excited to see what you create and will be adding more activities for you!

Continue to cooperate with your brothers and sisters and help mom and dad around the house. Keep up the great learning-the world is your classroom!

Mrs. Hodum 

Dear Parents,

I will be missing the time teaching and learning with your child.  These are some interesting times...   I know many of you are balancing work, parenting, and now teaching...  Let's use this week to establish routines.  We will figure this out together!  I am here to support your child in anyway.  I'm happy to give feedback on work, become a pen pal, suggest "tree books", etc.  

I sent home some websites on Thursday for your child to enjoy and reinforce these skills.  One of my favorites, and your child's favorite, is SeeSaw.   The QR code for SeeSaw was sent home  in your child's folder (If you need the code again, please don't hesitate to contact me and I can send you access information.).   There are lots of authentic tasks that will keep your child learning and its a great way for all of us to be connecting.  Your third grader is familiar with this program too and sometimes they don't realize they are learning :).

Another favorite is EPIC books.  Here you child can find lots of quality books.  Again, let me know if you need the access code.  What a great opportunity to read!  

Other online websites through the Glenkirk webpage:
Study Island
Raz-Kids (khodum0, find child's name, password is Glenkirk) DreamBox (child's 6 digit student identification number)

Many children have been enjoying writing their nonfiction book.  Your third grader brought that home today to work on!  (When we return, we will revise and edit the work.)   If you have questions, I will be checking my email daily. 

I know you will do your best to keep your child happy, healthy, and smart!  We will get through this together.  Enjoy the time with your child and take advantage of teachable moments.  

Please read the information below from the third grade team for more information.  :)


Kjierstan Hodum

Good Afternoon, Parents,

In light of PWC schools closing for a month, we are asking that you continue to work with your child at home. As you know, your child was given calendars of optional Study Island homework. Although it is optional, we highly encourage your child to set aside time each day to review skills which have already been taught. Please do not ask your child to work on skills which have not been taught yet. At this point in the year, we have not taught geometry or place value to 6 digits. However, all other skills have been covered. In reading, all skills have been taught. However, we continue to teach these skills as some of them have not been mastered yet. Please look for emails from your child's teacher throughout this time period. Your children have access to Study Island, RAZ-kids, and Dreambox. These websites cover skills for both reading and math which are most critical since we give SOL's for these two subjects. Of course, your child will benefit most from reading and responding in writing to what they have read. We highly encourage you to visit the public library to check out books throughout this time period. If you do not want to go to the library, please utilize RAZ-kids or swap books with neighbors or friends. We do not have any additional information. Please continue to check the Prince William County website for updates. 
Feel free to reach out should you have any academic questions. 
Stay healthy and enjoy this time with your children. 
The Third Grade Team






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