Welcome to the Fourth Grade Team Page.

Fourth Grade Back to School Night Presentation


Here are some suggestions:  

Study Island is the best review website for specific curriculum objectives. Students have been assigned certain lessons and practice activities based on the curriculum objectives. Try having them do one or two in reading and math each day. 


Dreambox is good for overall math practice. It is designed to work with the students at their current level and will adapt up or down as they work through the activities.  


Raz Kids is great for reading a short book and completing a comprehension practice. 


Each of our websites also has other good educational websites. Khan Academy is great. As a parent, you can create an account for your child and monitor his or her progress.  


SOL Pass is also available on our webpages. 


  Select Glenkirk ES 

  Password: glenkirk 


Don’t forget that we also sent the Virginia Studies review study guide and review quizzes for additional practice. 


Most of all, please have your students read each day. This is an excellent time to keep a journal or practice multiplication facts. Don’t forget to have some fun: do puzzles, play games, cook and play outside! 


Please email us with any questions or just to say hi! 


Mrs. Bouch, Mrs. Golden, Mrs. Kendle, Mrs. Passa, and Mrs. Williams