(12) Jumbo glue sticks 

(2) Boxes of Crayons (24 count) 

(1) Pair of scissors 

(2) Packs of 12 #2 Pencils (please SHARPEN prior to sending in) 

(2) PLASTIC Folders (with inside pockets and brads) 

(1) CLEAR Plastic zipper pencil pouch with three holes (see below for example) 


(1) CANVAS style pencil pouch with a ZIPPER closure and three holes (see below for example) 

ShapeText Box 

 (1) Pack of markers (8 count) 

 (3) Marble Composition Books (wide ruled, NOT college ruled!!) 


Welcomed Donations 



Baby Wipes 

Expo Markers 

Art Smock (label with student’s name) 

Pair of Headphones (labeled with student's name) 

Extra set of clothes (in case of the rare accident– the nurse does not keep extra clothes here)             



We would greatly appreciate your help in organizing your child’s pencil pouch for the first day of school.  Here’s what should be inside the pouch: 1 pair scissors (labeled), 4 sharpened pencils, 1 box of crayons, and 1 glue stick.   

Please bring in your supplies at the 1st grade Open House