Canvas Parent Account
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Note: Student accounts are created automatically and logged in through Office 365.  No parent or student actions necessary.

Parents access Canvas as an Observer. 
There are two steps in setting up the Observer account.

Step 1: THIS WORD DOCUMENT instructs how a student or teacher generates the Parent Observer Pairing Code.

Step 2: THIS WORD DOCUMENT instructs parents how to create an Observer account using the Pairing Code generated in Step 1.

Regarding the Canvas app
When using the app, parents will need to select Prince William County Parent when ask to “find school.”

Student Office 365 Password
The Office 365 password syncs to connected services, such as Canvas and Clever, and must be changed/reset through this PWCS Password Self Service site:

For PWCS Staff with children in PWCS
If you are a PWCS employee and a PWCS parent who has a child who will be using Canvas, you will need to set up an account with your private email address using the browser link,, after you receive you pairing code from your child or your child's teacher. If you plan to use the app after you register for an account, please make sure you select Prince William County Parent when you are prompted to select your school or division.