5 Castles : 1 Kingdom

Glenkirk Golden Knights

5 Castles

1 Kingdom

Over the past 2 years our PBIS Team (Positive Behavioral Intervention Supports) has worked to create a behavioral expectation matrix and a plan for schoolwide PBIS. The Glenkirk Castle system is one aspect of Glenkirk's PBIS Plan. Glenkirk Knights are Safe, Responsible, and Respectful in all areas of the school.

Gawain: Trusted


Bedivere: Determined


Percival: Loyal


Bors: Fearless


Lamorak: Brave


At today's class assemblies, students were sorted into their castles. The five Glenkirk Castles are each named after famous Knights of the Round Table. All teachers, specialists, office staff, and all employees have also been sorted into the 5 castles. Castle colors are shown to the left. Students should wear their castle colors on Mondays to show their castle pride.


All Staff

1 point


Watch Dogs

2 points



5 points



5 points



10 points

Castles are working together to earn Knight's Tickets. Everyday students can earn tickets from any adult in the building for demonstrating Golden Knight behaviors. Staff members will hand out Knight's tickets with differing values. See the chart to the right for point details. Each classroom will have Castle jars to collect and display the tickets earned by the students. At the end of each week, classes will count their tickets each castle has earned and submit their

point totals.

We will hold schoolwide quarterly celebrations to bring our entire Glenkirk Kingdom together. At these assemblies we will celebrate the quarter and review our status towards achieving our Knight's ticket goals. This will all culminate at the end of the year with the awarding of the Glenkirk Golden Knight, to the Glenkirk Castle with the most Knight ticket Points. At our Quarterly Assemblies we want your students decked out in house colors, shirts, hair, etc. These are going to be great community building school wide celebrations of their positive behaviors.