Welcome to Glenkirk Elementary School

Established 2005

Glenkirk Elementary School building

History of the School

Glenkirk Elementary opened in the fall of 2005. The name selection was made through a committee process. The name was chosen because Glenkirk Road, which runs beside the school, dates from the Civil War era.

The year Glenkirk opened in 2005, the boundary for Glenkirk incorporated students from three existing elementary schools, Alvey, Bristow Run, and Tyler.

In the fall of 2011, almost half of Glenkirk's students went to a new elementary school named Piney Branch. The school is located off of Linton Hall Road.

Communities Served

Glenkirk Elementary serves part of the Gainesville area community. Subdivisions include: Glenkirk Estates, Morris Farms, Ellis Mills, and Saranac.