Sunshine Speech News                         
Weekly News Letter

A Lovely Last Monday for the last week of school is bringing hot weather,

a little rain, yet an abundance of SUNNY DAYS !!  I Love summer!

Love this Sunshine Glenkirk Families !! Aren’t you excited for Summer

family adventures and vacations?

Share family activities outside when possible. Make a list. Put your ideas

on individual strips of paper and place in a jar. Pull out an activity when

you need to try something new to have fun. Some family activities

include: playing Twister, bean bag toss, (make your own bags with corn

kernels in zip log bags), make paper cup phones and connect with string,

water balloon toss! Be creative and enjoy LIFE!!!

                                 Give a HUG or TWO !!!!

Good Day Glenkirk Families !  6/8/2020 -6/12/2020

There are NEW Choice Boards for this week! 
All Optional “ Choice Boards” for students working to maintaining their Speech-Language Skills in Language, Articulation and Fluency Please investigate and enjoy, ( Links and Documents).

Sunshine Speech Weekly Challenge!

Send a friend a letter about your summer activities.

Use coffee filters and clothes pins to make a butterfly.

Need to create a new food? Make a cherry dump cake!

See your favorite Disney movie at home.

Help make popsicle cubes in ice cube trays.

Indulge eating at your favorite outdoor ice cream place!

Name 5 new things that you have learned so far!

Eat s’mores by the fire.


Spot a Cardinal in a tree, it’s the Va. State Bird.

Practice playing catch at a local park!

Each day is better than the day before..always.

Eat some corn on the cob and hot dogs.

Carefully create a small garden of vegetables.

Have fun playing with your family and friends.

See you Zooming this week  !!!!!!!!!!!

If you have questions or concerns specific to your child, please email your child's speech therapist:
                       Sharron Land at
                       Beth Michael at 

If you have forgotten your articulation target sound(s), language area of focus or what you were working on, we can chat about that also. We are here to help!

Office Hours Via Email are:

Your Speech-Language Pathologists:

                          Mrs. Land = Thursday 8:30-10:30 am

                          Mrs. Michael = Monday 8:30-10:30 am

Remember Language and Sounds are all around you!

Kindest Regards,

Sharron R Land

N. Beth Michael